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Call Center Data Reporting

A great opportunity to learn an invaluable skill of being able to produce and calculate OEE within Power BI

Winner Announcement

Challenge 19 didn’t fail to deliver and there were some epic entries!!!, challenge 19 yielded the highest number of entries recorded in any previous Enterprise DNA Challenge.

A total of 55 entries, 200+ report analysis pages and 150+ navigation buttons, bookmarks and tool tips were produced by our particiapants. The variety of native and customs visuals in the reports are a mastery of Data Visualization.

The idea sharing, collaboration, encouragement, feedback and willingness to help each other is brilliant to see and truly resonates with what we at Enterprise believe is the best way to learn and develop.

The standard of work from everyone was amazing.

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Learning Objectives

The role of a data analyst is to analyze the data brought forward to him/her. Skilled analysts are excellent at exploring data quickly and transforming it into meaningful, data-driven recommendations. There is a small catch no matter how smart the data analyst is, his/her skills does not guarantee impact. We should remain constantly about this fact otherwise we will tend to distort the facts and start blurring into meaning that it is not in the data.

The brief also makes indication about further data to be added, this may be the changes the participant is looking for, I can’t guarantee this will produce the effect wanted.

The dataset, in its current state, presents a great opportunity to use different transformations to enhance the dataset and ultimately present what the data brings to the table.

It has been amazing to see the Enterprise DNA data platform family and challenges group members come together and learn on this month’s challenge and create stunning and creative reports!

The standard of work from everyone was amazing.

  • Best Submissions

Abu Bakar N. Alvi

Overall & Platform
Member Winner

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Bernat Duran

Non-Member Winner


Jose Antonio
Fernandez Puga

Newcomer Winner


Bernat Duran

Out of the Box Thinker Winner


Travis John Villanueva

Creative Head Winner

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Japjeet Sodhi

Platform Member Runner up


Francis Folaranmi

Non-Member Runner up


Maja Spanic

Newcomer Runner up

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