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Mini Live Challenges

  • Live Challenges

Call Center Data Reporting

An opportunity to learn an invaluable skill of being able to produce and calculate Call Center Reports within Power BI

  • Prepare a report that summarise, the overall service provided by Call Centers.
  • Bring your analysis and visualization techniques together enabling senior management to have a better view of its operations.
  • Reports are not limited by number of pages or technique. Feel free to use all the techniques at your disposal.

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Historic Challenges

  • Historic Challenges

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Why Join Enterprise DNA Challenges

Enterprise DNA Challenges are created with a single focus point, facilitating learning and practice. A place where to check out your newly acquired skills in Power BI.

What can I find here?

  • Enterprise DNA Challenges Team is very much committed to learning through competition and for this our challenges are well conceived and organised.
  • We try to provide you with a realistic, close to real world reporting, dataset. We strive to make our challenges as real as possible to what you will do in a normal Data Analysis role.

Why compete?

  • Learning, practicing and fun all in one
  • Great exposure of your work in social media
  • Great prices.
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