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August 24, 25 and 26, 2022

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Summit Sessions Lineup

Day 1, 24th August 2022

Business Intelligence Summit 2022
  • Discover how eDNA has updated our Power BI development and implementation frameworks
  • Learn how our new platform and tools empower fast and effective development
  • Review all new features from new empowerment platform
  • See how eDNA is changing how we partner with you in the future
  • Introduce how to incorporate the sophisticated pre-trained machine learning models as AI Cognitive Services into Power BI
  • Showcase how AI Cognitive Services provide powerful ways to extract actionable insights from a variety of unstructured sources like documents, images, and social media feeds through Azure Services like Sentiment Analysis, Key Phrase Extraction, Language Detection, and Image Tagging
Business Intelligence Summit 2022
  • Showcase the importance of referencing a query
  • Learn and understand how to duplicate a query effectively
  • Discuss the difference between referencing vs. duplicating
  • Know the techniques how to be strategic in your workbook development through the use of query referencing and duplicating
  • Use field parameters to implement complex slicer interactions
  • Filter your model with field parameters to restrict the data visible with different columns used in visuals
  • Calculation Groups and Field Parameters: When to use each and where the overlap is
  • Discover dynamic hierarchies with field parameters
  • Learn how to use field parameters to swap or rotate fields around in a visual
  • Know how to form DAX logic by creating Excel rough work
  • Discover how to visualize and solve complex DAX problems using Excel
  • Learn to debug and validate calculations using Excel
  • Showcase how to implement an SCD Type 2 using Power Query to allow a full historical analysis of a specific dimension
  • Design in a precise way to facilitate tracking changes over time for your historical business analysis
  • Learn one of the most critical ETL tasks in tracking the history of dimension records
  • Discover the several types of SCDs that are considered dependent on the analytical needs
  • Understand the concept and anatomy of the Analytics Hub concept in Power BI
  • Know the tools that support us in creating an Analytics Hub such as development of HTML elements, design web applications, & browser-based UI and UX design applications
  • Discover a straightforward approach to creating reusable components for personalizing dashboards
  • Showcase modern prototyping and wireframing
  • Control the Query, Filter, and Row contexts to write DAX expressions
  • Realize what you can achieve when you use the CALCULATE function to inject a filter context
  • Learn how to do a calculated column and solve problems using the X function
  • Perform dynamic analysis of data through context transition in DAX
  • Gauge your labor force's productivity by applying the DAX contexts to measure FTE
  • Explore basic DAX expressions which will be use-case driven
  • Learn how to add visualization capabilities using basic DAX expressions
  • Discover how to add formatting tricks to visuals using DAX expressions
  • Showcase problem statements to be solved using DAX expressions
  • Customized demo of a Power BI file to be played with

Day 2, 25th August 2022

  • What does List.Generate do?
  • Use cases where List.Generate proves useful
  • Working with a single variable
  • Incorporating multiple variables within the function
  • Return transformed lists or partial results

  • Discover the foundations of Data Modelling in Power BI and Power Query as well as the benefits by referring to techniques such as the Kimball methodology
  • Understand how to prepare your Data in Power Query 
  • Learn when to use Power Query & DAX to Shape Data for Dimensional Modelling 
  • Dive into Star Schemas, Snowflake Schemas & Beyond! 
  • Explore challenges in ‘real world’ Data Modelling and additional solutions 
  • Explore common data cleaning scenarios.
  • Use Power Query/ M effectively to prepare data for analysis.
  • Built reusable solutions to make this task something to look forward to!
  • Learn how to create your own personal custom function library
  • This session will demo several scenarios in which Combining queries could be the perfect solution for the optimal tabular model
  • Learn how to combine queries to protect the fact tables in the tabular model
  • Combine queries using anti-left y anti-right join types to detect data inconsistency
  • Workspace & App Security
  • Dataflow & Dataset Security
  • Report Security
  • Row Level Security
  • Object Level Security
  • Internal & External Sharing
Business Intelligence Summit 2022
  • The theory behind offsets and how to generate them
  • How offsets dramatically simplify DAX by rendering DAX time intelligence functions unnecessary
  • How to use offsets to easily handle non-standard use cases such as calculations involving 4-4-5 and 4-5-4 calendars, and weekend/holiday exceptions
  • Create reusable, templatized offset measures to further simplify and speed DAX analyses
  • Learn how to establish an order of evaluation in CALCULATE parameters
  • Understand the difference between table functions and CALCULATE modifiers and how to use them correctly
  • Evaluate a table expression in the context of a FILTER/CALCULATETABLE
  • Observe how context transition is performed by operating the CALCULATE and CALCULATETABLE functions
  • Discover how large data sets are transformed by nested CALCULATE functions and generate unexpected results
  • Learn the basics of data types in Power Query
  • Showcase how to build custom functions
  • Explore the use of EACH function
  • Debugging code with TRY OTHERWISE
  • Utilize some helpful hints on Power Query
  • What is Machine Learning (ML)
  • How to use Automated Machine Learning to identify sales leads likely to convert using Power BI Premium and PPU
  • Know how to integrate Python with Power BI
  • Showcase how to identify sales leads likely to convert for free within Power BI Desktop

Day 3, 26th August 2022

Session Business Intelligence Summit 2022
  • Discover sample DAX techniques that enhance business insights
  • Review the possibilities of field parameters
  • Explore DAX formulas to leverage conditional formatting options

Session Business Intelligence Summit 2022
  • The importance on reading about data visualization theory
  • Compare and contrast the positives and negatives in visuals
  • The benefits of Zebra BI visuals for Power BI reports
  • Knowing more DAX for hacking Power BI to get desired outcome on visuals
  • Organization of work on a Power BI report for example: DAX measures of folders and/or on purpose
  • Learn how to answer questions faster that come with the event-in-progress and the previous value challenge
  • Discover advanced data modeling and DAX techniques to speed up DAX query execution
  • Know how the vertipaq engine utilizes the concept of Star Schema modeling
  • Showcase how a different approach for tackling the event-in-progress challenge can speed up DAX query execution, also when the dataset is huge
  • Create a reusable sorted structure using DAX to determine the previous value. Remember that the distance between a value and its predecessor might not be constant
  • Implement some creative Row-Level-Security techniques effectively
  • Discover how to allow drill-down only for certain users
  • Learn how to dynamically anonymize data
  • Other creative ways to use Row-Level-Security
  • Showcase effective ways when and when not to use CALCULATE
  • Determine when not to use Time Intelligence functions (always)
  • Learn how to loop in DAX efficiently
  • See how to use the greatly maligned EARLIER function
  • Know the techniques in creating indexes in DAX
Business Intelligence Summit 2022
  • Build a comprehensive and compelling Power BI report within an hour from scratch!
  • Learn how to use our automation tools and techniques in your own workflow
  • See how much easier Power BI can be when you follow eDNA’s framework
  • Review exciting updates coming soon to eDNA's new platform

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Sam McKay

CEO & Founder,

Enterprise DNA

Brian Julius Enterprise DNA Power BI Expert

Brian Julius

Chief Content Officer,

Enterprise DNA

Melissa de Korte

Enterprise DNA Expert

Antriksh Sharma

Enterprise DNA Expert

Gustaw Dudek

Gustaw Dudek

Enterprise DNA Expert

Greg Deckler

Greg Deckler (MVP)

VP at Fusion Alliance, MVP & Author of

4 Power BI Books

Miguel Felix


Business Intelligence Specialist, DevScope

Henk Vlootman (MVP)

Henk Vlootman (MVP)

Founder and CEO, Quanto

Rick de Groot (MVP)

Founder of

BI Gorilla

Pragati Jain

Pragati Jain (MVP)

Senior Consultant at Avanade

Chris Wagner (MVP)

Chris Wagner (MVP)

Senior Finance Data Analytics Solutions Architect at Rockwell Automation

Ashraf Ghonaim (MVP)

Ashraf Ghonaim (MVP)

Strategic Management and Analytics Consultant,

City of Toronto

Leon Gordon

Leon Gordon (MVP)

Partner at

Pomerol Partners

Thomas Martens (MVP)

Thomas Martens (MVP)

Solution Architect - Munich Re

Oz Du Soleil (MVP)

Oz Du Soleil (MVP)


Excel on Fire

Ana María Bisbé York

Ana María Bisbé York (MVP)

Business Intelligence Consultant

Cristian Angyal

Cristian Angyal

Business Applications Manager, Flex

Kane Snyder

Kane Snyder

Principal Consultant at Agile Analytics

James Andrew


Matador Software

Pascal Kiefer


BI Samurai

Oscar Martinez Valero

Oscar Martinez Valero

PWC Manager

of Business Intelligence

Chandeep Chhabra

Chandeep Chhabra

Founder of Goodly

Carlos Barboza

Carlos Barboza

Guerilla Data Analyst

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