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Jump into this twitter related dataset and showcase some interesting insights based on the text of the tweet and the stock reference or tagged within the tweet itself.

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Identify trends and patterns in a variety of factors that influence the cost of living in different regions around the world by using statistical analysis techniques and visualization tools.

Create a navigation experience that showcases your brand and keeps users coming back for more by prioritizing the user experience and considering the needs and preferences of your target audience.

Analyze data from marketing campaigns and initiatives, using visualization tools and statistical analysis techniques to identify trends and patterns, and use these insights to inform marketing strategy and decision-making.

Show off your impressive financial report! We are confident that your financial report is a testament to your skills and expertise. We would love to see how you've structured it and how you've made it visually appealing.

Showcase a Power BI report that compares the trends of two different sets of data over time. The report will specifically highlight any divergences in the trends, allowing the reader to easily see any discrepancies in the data.

Create a summary report, a task that for many BI developers will always find its way across the desk every so often

An opportunity to create a Power BI report that gives insights into customer behaviour

Challenge yourself to produce a report which gives HR insight into the consultation process.

Create a report or dashboard to help management visualize what is happening on the new app

Provide a business solution by creating an intelligence tool to use by large opticians

Analyze the data of a large insurance company who are due to undergo an internal audit with regard to its complaint’s procedure

Practice your data skills and learn from what is a typical scenario faced by many businesses in various industries

Produce insights for management level that can highlight any issues and prepare them for the audit

Challenge your data skills by producing a report that gives the user the ability to select a currency and see the associated sales and cost

Enhance your development skills by creating supplier insights in

Power BI

An excellent opportunity for you to use Power BI for creating a one-page data report for Covid-19 analysis

Challenge your data skills by creating a Power BI report on transport and shipping data

Use the data documenter

tool to create an effective

report template

Analyze the data of a medical emergency response service and discover opportunities for improvement on their process

Develop an analysis report about the Football/Soccer Players Summer Transfers Season 2022-23

Deep dive into the world of F1 and create an analysis of the drivers' stats

Take a deep dive into the world of utilisation and timesheet data

Create an analysis report on environmental data and potentially impact how this data is visualized

Work on one of the most significant measures for manufacturing productivity - OEE

Create a report summary of the overall services provided by a Call Centre for its management

Implement your analytical skills in creating a report of the entire business operation from production to forecasting.

Analyze Enterprise DNA's YouTube Channel Data to create a strategy and drive more channel engagement.

Take on the challenge of creating an analysis report on hotels revenue management data.

Challenge your data skills in

creating an analysis report on substance

Why Join Enterprise DNA Builds

Enterprise DNA Builds is created with a single focus point, facilitating learning and practice. A place where to check out your newly acquired skills in data analytics.

What can I find here?

  • Enterprise DNA Team is very much committed to learning through competition and for this our builds are well conceived and organised.
  • We try to provide you with a realistic, close to real world reporting, dataset. We strive to make our challenges as real as possible to what you will do in a normal Data Analysis role.

Why join?

  • Learning, practicing, and experience of participating in builds is very rewarding and fun all in one.
  • Shared across our social media channels giving you great exposure to different aspects of data development.
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