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Over 3 Days, 6 Training Sessions

Enterprise DNA Learning Summit - August 2019


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"I have attended a lot of Power BI training, however no one showcases what Power BI can do like Enterprise DNA. The scenarios & use cases presented are very clever and quite advanced yet Sam presents them in a simple to understand manner. This a great place to learn the analytical possibilities with Power BI as well as the technical aspects." - Howard

"Sam has been our go-to for all Power BI training this year which has enabled us to completely transform our business reporting. His learning style is perfect for all levels of user with on going support and training. Keep up the great work!" - Amber M. - Farmsource  


"The One & only person who has explained the real business use cases of Power BI on YouTube. I had to learn Power BI before joining my company & just through his videos I could learn so much that I gave Power BI sessions in my company to my seniors & managers. Kudos to you Sam thanks for making lives of so many people easy" - Himanshu Sehgal  

Here's Exactly What We'll Be Covering

Enterprise DNA Learning Summit Data Model Design Best Practices Dashboard Template

Session 1 - Data Model Design Best Practices

  • Learn how to optimize data
  • Setup data model structure
  • Relationship best practices
  • Unique data model designs
  • Working w/ multiple tables
Enterprise DNA Learning Summit DAX Fundamentals Dashboard Template

Session 2 - DAX Fundamentals

  • Review the concept of context
  • Iterating vs Aggregating functions
  • Understand how DAX works w/ the data model
  • How to structure and organize your measures
Enterprise DNA Learning Summit CALCULATE vs CALCULATETABLE Dashboard Template


  • Understand what CALCULATE does in-depth
  • Start using CALCULATE correctly
  • When to use CALCULATETABLE
  • The main differences between these two functions

Session 4 - DAX Formula Combinations

  • How to scale your development w/ DAX
  • How to quickly create compelling analysis
  • Analyze trends and time-based information
  • Learn to re-use similar combinations of formula

Enterprise DNA Learning Summit DAX Formula Combinations Dashboard Template

Session 5 - Budgeting Techniques

  • Learn to deal w/ data at different granularity
  • Manage a more complex data model
  • Learn how to create virtual relationships using TREATAS
  • Review Actuals vs Targets overtime
Enterprise DNA Learning Summit Budgeting Techniques Dashboard Template

Session 6 - Optimizing DAX Formulas

  • Learn to structure your formulas correctly
  • Master the proper syntax and best practices for measures
  • Understand why your formula is working slowly
  • Learn auditing techniques to optimize your measures
  • Understands more deeply how formulas are calculated
Enterprise DNA Learning Summit Optimizing DAX Formulas Dashboard Template

Here Is An Outline Of The 3 Day Learning Summit

Replays and resources will be made available to all Power BI users who register for this learning summit event. These will be available just before the event begins and also post the virtual workshop sessions

Day 1

  • Session 1 Starts August 12th, 5pm New York (EDT), 2pm Los Angeles (PDT), 10pm London (GMT) - August 13th, 7am Sydney (AEDT), 9am Auckland (NZDT)
  • Session 2 Starts August 12th 8pm New York (EDT), 5pm Los Angeles (PDT) - August 13th, 1am London (GMT), 10am Sydney (AEDT), 12pm Auckland (NZDT)

Day 2

  • Session 3 Starts August 13th, 5pm New York (EDT), 2pm Los Angeles (PDT), 10pm London (GMT) - August 14th, 7am Sydney (AEDT), 9am Auckland (NZDT)  
  • Session 4 Starts August 13th, 8pm New York (EDT), 5pm Los Angeles (PDT) - August 14th, 1am London (GMT), 10am Sydney (AEDT), 12pm Auckland (NZDT)

Day 3

  • Session 5 Starts August 14th, 5pm New York (EDT), 2pm Los Angeles (PDT), 10pm London (GMT) - August 15th, 7am Sydney (AEDT), 9am Auckland (NZDT)
  • Session 6 Starts August 14th, 8pm New York (EDT), 5pm Los Angeles (PDT) - August 15th, 1am London (GMT), 10am Sydney (AEDT), 12pm Auckland (NZDT)

This summit begins in...


Details Around The Learning Summit Workshops

Sam McKay, CFA - Founder, Enterprise DNA

  • Where is it? Join in from your laptop, desktop or connected device
  • How long is each session? They will be around 45-60 minute workshops
  • Who's doing it? Presented by Sam McKay, Founder of Enterprise DNA - Driving an analytical movement through using Power BI!
  • Why should I be there? To learn how to develop compelling dashboards within Power BI using a range of analytical and visualisation techniques
  • What's it all about? We'll be reviewing a number of techniques specifically around reporting dashboards in Power BI. Power BI is not just a visualisation tool, it is a powerful analytical engine that can produce amazing insights so I'll be be going over how you can combine both of these crucial elements to your reporting

“The training provided by Enterprise DNA was fantastic. Sam was able to tailor the sessions to suit all the different skill levels of the attendees, and enable them to see the true potential of Power BI. I’ve been blown away by the amount of interest and excitement that these sessions have generated across the company. Combined with the training, and the extensive support resources that Sam gave us, I cannot wait to see some of the insights and value that we will be able to deliver going forward.” - Chris Mills - Kotahi  

"Being relatively new to Power BI / DAX(), finding good resource for learning has been difficult….until I came across your tutorials and webinars. Just wanted to say a big thank you – they have helped immensely to both simplify and take away some of the fear-factor you tend to have when first looking at advanced DAX() formula. I’ve still got a long way to go but your material has been a great help. Look forward to more content in the near future. - Andy - Sheffield, UK  

"Enterprise DNA has allowed me to learn at a rapid pace and improve my analysis using Power BI tremendously. Using the techniques taught by the Enterprise DNA lessons and webinars, I have been able to extend my analysis and provide insights and growth to my department and my organization as a whole. Sam and Enterprise DNA has been a helpful and knowledgeable companion on my Power BI journey!" - Matt Ballinger  

Other Key Things To Note About This Learning Summit

This training begins in...

  • Will there be recordings? Yes these will be made available for 72 hours post each of the live sessions
  • Can you download the Power BI resources? Yes I will make these available for 72 hours post the sessions
  • Will these sessions be interactive? Most definitely
  • Is this worth your time? If you want to learn a lot about Power BI in a short space of time then YES

Join the analytical movement with Enterprise DNA!

"My goal is to teach others that you have almost unlimited analytical power when harnessing all the features in Power BI.

Come join me on this journey to rid the world of terrible reporting, instead produce amazing insights that actually create value for your organisations and yourselves.

This learning summit is a combination of many advanced techniques and much more. Whether your beginner or advanced I'm very confident you'll learn something new. See you there!"

Sam McKay, CFA - Founder, Enterprise DNA