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Architecting Power BI

Learn how to optimize the architecture and governance of your

Power BI implementation from the world's global experts

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Architecting Power BI

  • 12th July 2022
  • 13th July 2022
  • 2pm Los Angeles (PDT)
  • 5pm New York (EDT)
  • 10pm London (BST)
  • 7am Sydney (AEST)
  • 9am Auckland (NZST)

Collaborate with global experts on the essential governance and architectural considerations for a successful implementation of Power BI.

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Join us to learn all about best practise Power BI Deployment Strategies

Live interactive session with Enterprise DNA experts

Melissa Coates

Melissa Coates is the owner of Coates Data Strategies. Her current professional focus is on Power BI governance, deployment, security, and administration. Melissa is the creator of the comprehensive "Power BI Deployment and Governance" online course. Melissa is the principal author of Microsoft's "Power BI Adoption Roadmap" and "Power BI Implementation Planning" guidance. She is big supporter of the technical community and has been a Microsoft Data Platform MVP since 2013.

A short link for her course:

Sam McKay

Sam is Enterprise DNA's CEO & Founder. He help individuals and organisations develop data driven cultures and create enterprise value by delivering business intelligence training and education on Microsoft’s Power BI platform.

He partner with business decision makers and analysts across all industries and business functions.

  • Industries include: Financial Services, Consumer Goods, Energy, Retail, Insurance and others
  • Functions include: Finance, Accounting, Sales, HR, Marketing and more
  • People include: Directors, Executives, Team leaders, Analysts

Are you as an organisation struggling

with any of the following?

  • Finding it difficult to create a coherent data architecture between Power BI and all of your legacy systems
  • Need help understanding all of the Power BI online service features that can scale your deployment
  • Unsure how to build optimized Power BI models for each of your different workspaces
  • Need help developing a clear long-term strategy for managing your data assets and then also consuming key insights within Power BI

Let's build a scalable implementation of Power BI and the Power Platform

The most important part of building a scalable implementation of Power BI and the Power Platform is to have a sensible and effective strategy around your architecture and governance

  • Learn from two of the global experts on this topic, Melissa Coates and Sam McKay
  • Learn about your data architecture considerations and potential challenges
  • Learn how to set up the Power BI online service so that your key stakeholders can easily access the right information
  • Learn how to have the right governance and security measures in place so your data and analysis is secure
  • Build continuity and scale into your implementation of Power BI and the power platform
  • Learn from case studies of some of the largest organizations globally around how they implement their analytics platforms
  • Get hold of practical resources and advice that you can use to replicate in your own environment
  • Learn how large internal teams are collaborating around their entire data stack in combination with Power BI

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To really build a sustainable data culture within Power BI, it starts with strategy and long-term governance.

There will be no better environment to master the key fundamentals to making this happen in your own workplace than by listening and collaborating with our two global experts in this particular area of expertise

Topics covered during these Architecting Power BI Events

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