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DAX Accelerator

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Create advanced analytical models by learning how to harness the power of DAX calculations for use within Power BI

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Here's What You'll Get Through

This Accelerator Program

Over 4 days, accelerate your Power BI skills within our unique learning experience.

Get personal guidance and experience during instructure lead sessions from global experts

Best practice frameworks for elevating your Power BI skillset and development techniques

Build the exact skills you need around Power BI in the fastest way possible

Power BI Super Users Workshop
  • Time Commitment:
    - 4 days
    - 2 hour workshop each day
    - 1 hour project based learning each day
  • Benefits:
    - Condensed learning
    - Collaborative environment
    - Ask questions live
    - Network with other data professionals


What specifics will you learn during this

DAX Accelerator Program

  • Use DAX and also what you can achieve with DAX if utilized well
  • Structure and format DAX formula
  • Use DAX variables in your formulas effectively
  • Use calculated columns and measures in your models
  • Write aggregation, iteration and table DAX functions
  • Implement DAX functions in combination with each other
  • Visualize how the DAX calculation engine works via the concept of 'context'
  • Audit your formulas by understand filter and row context
  • Use the CALCULATE
  • Add additional virtual filters to your calculations by using table functionsalysis
  • Use DAX to solve common analytical scenarios you will face everyday in the real world
  • Use time intelligence table along with a quality date table
  • Use advanced table functions in unique calculation requirements

Here's an outline of the

DAX Accelerator Curriculum


DAX Basics

  • Calculated columns vs measures
  • Understanding context & how the DAX calculation engine works
  • Evaluation or initial context
  • Aggregations or filter context
  • Iterations or row context
  • DAX function types
  • Aggregation Functions - SUM/AVERAGE/MIN/MAX
  • Iteration Functions - SUMX/AVERAGEX/MINX/MAXX

Virtual Tables & Measure Branching

  • What are table functions? (think of virtual tables!)
  • The versatile VALUES function
  • ALL function - the remove filters function
  • How filter and row context work with relationships
  • Working with one table versus many tables
  • RELATED function
  • EARLIER function

CALCULATE & Time Intelligence

  • Why CALCULATE is important?
  • Why do you even have to use CALCULATE? (It's all about CONTEXT!)
  • What can you do when you use CALCULATE?
  • How are formula calculated when you involve CALCULATE?
  • What are time intelligence functions?
  • Why you must have a date table?
  • The best time comparison function - DATEADD
  • Aggregations - YTD, QTD, MTD

Advanced DAX Techniques

  • Understanding how variables are evaluated
  • Using table variables to simplify ultimate formulas
  • Using variables to clean up multiple measure
  • When to create virtual vs physical relationships?
  • How does USERELATIONSHIP compare?
  • How to manipulate virtual tables using table functions
  • You can also combine table functions together
  • ROW

What you get from participating in
an accelerator program

  • Access to 4 days worth of training with two hour live sessions each day
  • Ability to collaborate with other data analysts during the week during workshops and through projects
  • Access will be given to all replays and instructor-led Q&A‘s will be available throughout the program
  • A certification to showcase your participation and learning experience
  • Tons of resources and direction to maintain your skills through time
  • Live support throughout the week to improve your skills and development abilities
Power BI Super Users Workshop

This Accelerator Program is Tailored for:

Data Analysts

Reporting Managers

Excel Users

Your Instructor For This Accelerator Program

Sam McKay

Sam is Enterprise DNA's CEO & Founder. He help individuals and organisations develop data driven cultures and create enterprise value by delivering business intelligence training and education on Microsoft’s Power BI platform

He partners with business decision makers and analysts across all industries and business functions.

  • Industries include: Financial Services, Consumer Goods, Energy, Retail, Insurance and others
  • Functions include: Finance, Accounting, Sales, HR, Marketing and more
  • People include: Directors, Executives, Team leaders, Analysts

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