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Whether you’re looking to learn best practices or master advanced skills in a range of technologies and languages, utilise our accelerator programs to collaborate with an expert instructor and a group of data professionals.

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Master a chosen skill within just one week

Participate in short and sharp virtual workshops covering essential topics

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Practice your skills with small projects throughout the program

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Collaborate in groups to share experiences and knowledge

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Join a cohort of others users to network and learn

Get to know a global expert and leverage off their experience

Ask questions throughout a live learning format where collaboration is encouraged

Obtain a certificate and end project to showcase your participation and skills

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The Next Power BI Accelerator

What's Our Next Accelerator

Power BI Accelerator


10pm BST, April 10th -13th, 2023

An in-depth overview of the entire Power BI suite, with a focus on using Power BI to extract compelling insights from your own data

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Our accelerators will be as real-world focused as possible. Talking through all theory and techniques in a way that can be applied to multiple different scenarios and environments that you may be working in. 

All skills learnt will be easily applied to your own development work and own organisational scenarios

One of the things we have learned both through research and experience is that while you can learn a lot by watching videos and reading blog posts progress is dramatically accelerated when it’s combined with an active element of structured practice

Join our accelerators for the best learning experience in the shortest timeframe possible.

Learn to master skills and techniques that can be applied right now to your current work and environment

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